Directed by Casey Biggs

The Acting Company presented Alexander Dumas’ popular romantic, swashbuckling adventure in this entertaining new stage adaptation. This classic coming of age tale follows the brave young d’Artagnan as he changes from country boy to daring hero, not only rescuing the kidnapped Constance but also preserving the honor of  the Queen herself. His journey towards maturity is enabled by Athos, Porthos and Aramis, famously known as the Three Musketeers.

The story not only traces the brave deeds of its heroes, it also chronicles the conflict between two historic periods — the waning era of chivalry embodied in the Musketeers’ courtly code of ethics, and the rise of the modern nation state embodied in the shrewd politics of Cardinal Richelieu. This clash of history is played out on an international stage chock full of swordfights, romance and heartbreak.

The young d’Artagnan arrives in Paris from his beloved Gascony to become a King’s Musketeer and unintentionally insults the famous trio who challenge the young upstart to a duel. When the four are surprised by a gang of the Cardinal’s guards, d’Artagnan springs into action and courageously helps the Three Musketeers to victory. Their alliance is continually tested until d’Artagnan outsmarts the Cardinal at his own game and is promoted to the uppermost ranks of Parisian society.

Appearing in photos: Timothy Carter, Chad Hoeppner, David Foubert, Cedric Hayman, Meg McQuillan. Photos by Richard Termine.