In the spring of 2005, The Acting Company presented the world premiere of Carson McCullers’ poignant novel The Heart is a Lonely Hunter as adapted for the stage by acclaimed playwright Rebecca Gilman, which played at The Alliance Theatre in Atlanta before embarking on a southern cities tour.

This enduring masterpiece captures a universal longing for connection. At its center is John Singer, a deaf-mute who becomes the confidante to a constellation of lonely souls – an angry carnival worker, a crusading physician, the owner of a failing café and a fifteen-year-old girl in love with music – all seeking understanding and compassion from a man desperately in need of understanding himself.  Some fight their loneliness with violence or drink, while some give voice to the quiet, intensely personal search for beauty.

The Acting Company proudly offered this work of two extraordinary American writers. Ms. McCullers’ other books include Reflections in a Golden Eye and The Member of the Wedding. Ms. Gilman has been honored by The Kennedy Center, the Olivier and Jefferson Awards for her plays, which include Boy Gets Girl and Spinning Into Butter.

Appearing in photos: Andrew Weems, Ron Cephas Jones, Roslyn Ruff, Henry Stram, Randall Newsome. Photos by Christopher Oquendo.