Directed by Davis McCallum

The Acting Company presented this Shakespeare classic in 2008/09. A young, restless and ambitious, Henry V inherits a troubled crown and seeks to secure his position at home by turning the country’s attention abroad, launching a hasty invasion of France. Shakespeare’s charismatic warrior King’s aggressive pursuit of the French crown earns him iconic status,uniting England and France and briefly banishing the civil strife that will long outlive him.

This epic follows Henry and his men through the brutality of warfare as the ragtag band confronts heavy opposition and their own destinies. Directed by Davis McCallum, the play expertly balances the thrilling heroics of battle with the painful and complex reactions of men who are sometimes unsure of the justice of their cause as an unnamed Chorus offers running commentary on their action…a rousing, fascinating story of the power of courage and the price of glory.

"Once more unto the breach, dear friends..."

Appearing in photos: Matthew Amendt, Carie Kawa, Kelley Curran, Chris Thorn, Freddy Arsenault. Photos by Michal Daniel.