PLAYBILL: The Untold Stories Behind the Famous Photos of Anita and Steve Shevett

PLAYBILL: The Untold Stories Behind the Famous Photos of Anita and Steve Shevett

By Michael Gioia, Hannah Vine      

Steve and Anita Shevett, the house photographers for the Tony Awards since 1980, reveal the stories behind the iconic shots that captured unforgettable Broadway moments.

Although Anita Shevett had dreams of performing, it was photography that proved to be her calling. “I started at the High School of Performing Arts, where they told me I had a natural eye for photography,” says Anita, who went on to study at the University of California, Berkeley, and took pictures for their drama department.

As she was working as a photographer, she met her now-husband Steve Shevett and his father, who worked at a camera store and lent Anita photo equipment. When Steve accompanied Anita on a photoshoot as her assistant, the two hit it off, and the rest is history. They’ve been working together ever since. The two share photo credit. “When it comes to who took the shot,” Steve says, “the answer is ‘Anita and Steve.’ There’s no separation...."  And now they share exclusive shots from their longtime career. The two, who’ve launched take us behind the scenes of each picture. 

John Houseman and Robin Williams - 1982 Steve & Anita Shevett.

“[This picture is] from an Acting Company event... early 1980s, around 1982. We’re actually still doing the Annual Acting Company Gala in New York City. [John] Houseman…would say to Anita, ‘You have 12 shots. Use them wisely,’ but he would stick to his 12 shots. He would count, and when you hit 12, you were done. He was just like that.” – Steve Shevett

“This was when he was giving his host speech, and I think John was saying how he told Robin Williams to find a career, because Robin was asked to leave Juilliard, and then they became very good friends, and I think he was having a moment with him right there, John and Robin.” – Anita Shevett 

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