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A Woman of the World

NOTE: Tickets for this event will go on sale to the general public Wednesday, September 11

"I am the first, best champion of Emily's genius." - Mabel Loomis Todd

Best known as Emily Dickinson's posthumous editor, Mabel Loomis Todd is a woman of the world.  Priding herself on being an inspired conversationalist, she invited scandal by enjoying a glass of wine in mixed company, and by enjoying the company of men other than her husband--sometimes in the company of her husband. Now in her 70s and living on Hog Island in Maine, the accomplished journalist and naturalist regales us with tales of her storied life, spilling secrets and revealing the true nature of her relationship with one of America's most celebrated poets

Pulitzer Prize finalist Rebecca Gilman's world premiere play is brought to the stage in this insightful and impassioned tour-de-force performance by one of theater's most beloved performers, Kathleen Chalfant.

By Rebecca Gilman
Directed by Valentina Fratti

Kathleen Chalfant

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59e59 Theaters
59 East 59th Street
Theater C

October 24 - November 17

Tickets $35

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