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Stage Combat

  • Length: 60-75 minutes
  • Participants: 35 max
  • Format: An overview of hand-to-hand stage combat.
  • Facility Requirements: A large open space (preferably a gym or stage) with plenty of room to move around and a high ceiling. Good lighting is a must.

This workshop will serve as an introduction to stage combat. A fully interactive workshop, the goal is to demonstrate how combat can take place on stage while looking realistic and maintaining safety. This workshop will demonstrate the basic principles of hand-to-hand combat, while simultaneously training the participants to tell a story though the fight and to maintain a character while engaging in combat. This workshop can be altered to fit the ability of the participants.



  • Length: 60-90 Minutes
  • Participants: Unlimited
  • Format: Lecture based workshop with question and answer session at the conclusion.
  • Facility Requirements: Space large enough to comfortably accommodate all participants and actors.

This workshop will focus on the process of taking the words in a script and transforming them into the play you see on stage. Included in this workshop is a look at the history of Shakespeare and the origins of the play as well as a brief look at Elizabethan stage conventions.


Acting Clues in Shakespeare

  • Length: 60-75 minutes
  • Participants: 35 max
  • Format: Interactive textual analysis workshop.
  • Facility Requirements: Classroom or space large enough to accommodate all participants and actors with room to move.

The Acting Clues in Shakespeare workshop is meant to give its participants many of the tools they need to research and examine a piece of Shakespearean text so that they might better appreciate and understand that text and be prepared to begin rehearsing it. Most of the class will be spent examining several passages from the play, discussing Shakespeare's use of Iambic Pentameter, Irregularities in Verse, Prose, Antithesis and other literary devices as they relate to the actions, intentions, and emotional life of the character.


Post-Show Question and Answer Sessions

  • Length: 15-30 minutes
  • Participants: Unlimited
  • Format: An interactive talkback between the audience and cast/crew.
  • Facility Requirements: The stage on which the play has previously been performed.

Immediately following the performance, the audience is given the opportunity to interact with the cast and crew of the play. These talkbacks are moderated by The Acting Company's Staff Repertory Director and Stage Manager.


If you are interested in a more intensive program, find out more about our week-long Learning Through Theater residency program.



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To request this program to come to your school, please fill out the information below, and we will contact you to discuss further details. Programs are only available in conjunction with our national tour.

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