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The Acting Company offers productions specifically designed for the classroom using minimal sets, costumes and a small cast of  actors. The presentations encourage students to use their imaginations and to let the magic of the theater inspire them. 

The Page-to-Stage workshop will focus on the process of taking words in a script and transforming them into the play they see on stage. After a synopsis of the play, the audience will gain an inside look at the rehearsal process through the eyes of the people involved.

A Resource Guide will provide classroom teachers with lessons and reproducibles to enhance the theatre-going experience. Pre- and Post-performance activities will help the students focus on both the literary and emotional impact of the piece. Role-playing, text analysis, writing-in-role and other drama-based techniques found in the guide will enhance the teachers' repertoire of exercises and will give students new approaches to literature.

Immediately following the performance, the audience is given the opportunity to interact with the cast and crew of the play during a Post-Show Question and Answer session. These talkbacks are moderated by The Acting Company Staff Repertory Director and Stage Manager.

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Student Performance Series

To request this program to come to your school, please fill out the information below, and we will contact you to discuss further details. Programs are only available in conjunction with our national tour.

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